Taxation services at Wealth Café demonstrate our expertise in Direct [Income Tax, Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), Transfer Pricing] and Indirect taxes [Goods and Service Tax (GST), Customs]. With the laws changing at such a rapid pace as India moves towards becoming a developed economy, businesses have to be nimble footed to be able to catch up with the changes. 

While technological advances and online filings have made life easy for the assesses, they have made detection of non compliance very easy for the regulators as well. The cost of non-compliance with tax laws in the form of penalties and interest can be very high for businesses today.

Taxation services at Wealth Café include:

Regular Liabilities

We help you in discharging your tax liabilities to the government periodically based on the type and volume of transactions done by your business.

Tax Returns

Once tax liabilities are discharged, we prepare and file the tax returns with the government periodically as required by different statutes.

Tax Consultation

We decode the various taxes applicable to your business and appraise you on what you must be mindful of before taking major business decisions.

Tax Planning

We do your Tax planning; identifiying the various tax exemptions, deductions available to you as tax payer to minimize your tax liability.

Changing Laws

With the laws changing everyday, you need a advisor by your side helping you navigate the complex ever changing tax environment.

International taxation

For MNCs setting shop in India, we help you understand the tax implications from Indian and your native country tax laws perspective.