'Constant Change' is the new 'Constant'

Doing business the usual way isn’t working like it used to work in the past. The world we work in is changing at a tremendous pace. The skills and techniques required to do business a decade ago are obsolete today and are unable to address today’s complex business questions. What about the challenges of tomorrow and five years from now?

We believe that the right knowledge and creativity will help in responding to today and tomorrow’s business challenges. If an organization is not creative it will land up imitating others and following the trends of others. With fast growing technology and changing business environment, organizations that fail to take the wheel of innovation soon suffer. See our Services>>


Keeping pace with 'Change'

Wealth Cafe is the face of the new age Accounting and Advisory practice; using the latest technology and running the practice on the cloud; servicing clients without the constraint of geographical boundaries.

We currently manage companies with Annual Sales of over INR 300 crores combined across 14 states in India and overseas clients in Singapore, USA, UK and UAE. Our ability to service our client across the areas of Accounting, Compliance, Taxation and Finance has been a winner making us their trusted Partner.

We are the recipient of the SME Joinup Excellence Award 2015 for Accounting which is a small testimony to the services we provide to our clients. Meet the team>>