How we do what we do


We over-deliver when we can, giving our clients and community more than their money’s worth. The value delivered and help rendered is a reward enough that money can't measure.

The value of generosity extends across the team with each helping the other to grow in their careers.


For all who think that Accountants are boring people, they must visit our office.

We have in our team a diverse mix of marathon runners, bharatnatyam dancers, dumb charade champions, 'bathroom' singers and artists who contibute to the overall enjoyable office environment.


We believe in applying the age old tested and tried wisdom; suitably changed with the changing technology. 

We simplfy the smallest of the tasks that we do using technology. Be it using applications at work, or application to communicate, or applications for the next team outing; we are all about Tech. 


India being a country of many languages, castes and ethnicities makes for a very complex yet a very compelling landscape.

At Wealth Café, we have team members from across different states of the country. And in this age of women, we walk the talk with 65% of our team being women.


Trainings are a very important part of our routine at Wealth Cafe where the team gathers every week on a Thurdday morning. The systems and process that we follow are inculcated through these sessions.

We have an employee run library at office for personal and professional growth. Our employees are encouraged to attend events, share what they do, and take time off to volunteer or learn new skills.

Intelligent Interactions

We treat others the way we wish to be treated: with respect for their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Learning from another is the highest form of learning.

From serious discussions on National and local politics, to detailed commentary on the latest movie to arguments on who was better in last night's match; we have discussions all around.

Wealth Cafe - Beyond Work

Sharing our activities beyond work.