What could I be doing wrong?

Many times the reason for doing a particular thing a particular way is because it has always been done that way. It would be a very good idea to question 'Why' and explore is there are better ways to do it. That is where our expertise of dealing with multiple types businesses over years comes into place.

We would be happy to do a complimentary review of your Accounts & Taxation and provide suggestions on what can be improved. We call this the "Wealth Café Crib Sheet". All you need to do is write to us on business@wealthcafe.biz and our team will connect with you to draw up the 'Crib Sheet' for your business.

Accounting Check

Accounting is a small part-Art and a large part-Science. A basic review of your books of accounts can reveal a lot of gaps that need to be plugged.

Taxation Check

Misguided taxation is a large reason for inability of businesses to take off on their growth plans. Here we do a quick sanity check on whether your business taxes are on track.


Compliance Check

A fully compliant business is a happy business. Here we check if there are any laws your business is not complying with.

MIS Check

Because the owners have a lot on their plate, they fail to spend enough time evaluating their performance. We help yo identify the parameters and reports you must regularly look at to track your business.