The first question an entrepreneur is faced with is what entity should he use to run his business as - Company / LLP / Partnership / Proprietorship?

The final decision is a function of multiple questions including the nature of the business, scale of operations, plans of growth, raising funds from the market etc. We sit with the entrepreneurs and debate on the best mode of running the business for them.

Once the entity structure is decided, we take you through each step till the entity gets incorporated and you can finally start your business operations.


Are you a start up and are exploring ways on how you can effectively manage the Accounting, Taxation, Compliance and Finance functions of your business?

Bookkeeping and Accounting are the most basic requirements of any business. And most critical too. They are like the dashboard of the business. Without a proper guide post, taking the right decision becomes difficult. We manage the accounts of the business end-to-end using various accounting softwares like Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho Books, Tally, Busy, SAP etc. depending on the business needs.


Getting your business up and running is only the beginning. We regularly monitor the variables affecting your business and keep your appraised with our MIS pack carefully crafted for your business requirements.

Having set monthly Budgets and monitoring the deviations of the actual performance of the business can be a powerful tool in guiding your business to great heights.

We are easily accessible on mail and phone to answer the plethora of questions that you face at each level of your journey.