E-commerce Challenges

The e-commerce sector is one of the fastest growing sector with the move from unorganised retail to organised retail. The growth in this sector has resulted in many business selling through these channels apart from their existing offline mode of sales. And there are multiple businesses that sell only through e-commerce channels.

Dealing with mutiple e-commerce channels and Fulfilment partners has thrown up a number of challenges for the businesss owners which we resolve at Wealth Café.

Sales Visibility

Multiple Sales channels; both modern online e-commerce and offline traditional, with data being provided them in multiple formats results in the business losing visibility of the actual Sales as on a particular date.

Stock Visibility

Confirmed orders, Cancelled orders, Processing Orders, Processed Orders, In Transit Orders, Returned Orders, Damaged Orders; add to this the multiple trade channels; the end result being little visibility on the actual stock position.

Cash Visibility

Direct bank receipts, Bank receipts from multiple payment gateways with different settlement cycles, cash receipts from COD orders across delivery partners; the cash puzzle just keeps getting demanding.

Expense Visibility

Tracking the ROI on expenses being incurred across digital, print and other mediums is critical for businesses to take a decision on where they must spend their next rupee.

Working Capital Visibility

With a hazy visibility on the cash, debtors and stock numbers, its a big challenge anticipating the working capital requirements for e-commerce businesses.

Profits Visibility

Instead of having a real time picture of the profits the business is earning, all the above challenges make many e-commerce businesses having to content with post mortem reports.

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