Day to day bookkeeping and accounting functions form the basic needs of a business from day one. With the regulatory environment bringing changes at a rapid pace, more and more business are opting to have their Accounting function managed by a specialist.

At Wealth Café, we provide the complete range of Accounting services which include:

Chart of Accounts

Well begun is half done.

The first step in Accounting is to have a set of Chart of Accounts that are mapped to your business activities to generate the right reports for you.


We scale the Accounts team as your business grows. That gives you the freedom to grow without any bottlenecks.


The term GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out - is appropriate for the Accounts & Finance function. Bookkeeping done well goes a long way in ensuring that correct details are supplied to the various stakeholders.


From capturing the base document to recording the transaction to sharing information with your customer and vendors, we have got it all mapped online for easy access 24*7.

Desktop to Cloud

If you are on a Desktop based accounting system and want to move to the cloud, you are at the right place. Once you move to the new age cloud based applications, you will never look at your desktop again.

Audit Assistance

Our online processes make data available to the auditors at their desk. Along with clients, their auditors love us for this.