Start Up Workshop-09

Whether you are working on your own or you have a team to take care of, you should know how to run a business professionally and profitably. All that starts with making a smart decision about the areas of expertise you plan to focus on and developing the best operational and legal foundation to run your business.

This workshop will help you understand the basics of the legal, taxation & other compliances for running a business in India. With time, there are new laws, old ones have revised and the compliances that every business person needs to follow has only increase and become tedious. To help you understand the basic nuances of setting up a business, direct & indirect tax requirements, patent and agreements, this workshop is designed as a one stop solution for you.

The workshop will consist of

  1. Various Business structures under Indian Laws and the compliances.
  2.  Know about all the Taxes  - TDS, GST, TCS & Equalisation levy
  3.  Understand what is GST and whether you should apply for the same.
  4.  What are books of accounts and why you should maintain the same.
  5.  How can knowing your numbers help you plan you take better business decisions
  6. Trademark & legal agreements

Who should attend the workshop

  • Planning to start a new business
  • Have recently started a business
  • Looking at restructuring and reorganizing things with their business
  • Want to be independent of your consultant and learn all about taxes for your business. 


1) Vendor Agreements
2) Product pricing tool including GST
3) Service pricing tool including GST
4) Budgeting tool
6) Legal content for Emails
7) Our Presentation from the workshop
8) Service provider agreement