Start ups

Are you a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) looking to improve the Management of your Accounts and Finance and need strong systems to move to the next stage of growth?

At Wealth Café, our focus is on the largest Employers of India - The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

RBI defines Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India as per their capital investment: Micro (less than Rs. 25 lakh), Small (between Rs. 25 lakh-5 crore) and Medium (Rs. 5-10 crore). In terms of turnover they would be categorised as Micro (upto 2 crores), Small (between Rs. 2-10 crore) and Medium (between Rs. 10-50 crore) Enterprises.

At each stage of growth of the business, we help you scale your Accounts and Finance functions to meet the business needs. Growth of a business to the next level is largely aided by strong Internal Controls. Our team studies your business and designs adequate internal controls to meet the dynamic business needs and reach the scale you always wanted to achieve.

A very unique factor while managing the businesses of SMEs is the close integration of the Business Finances with their Personal Finances. Our expertise in managing Personal finances that are closely inter linked with your Business finances has been a major differentiator.