The first critical decision even before you start doing a business is to decide the 'entity structure' in which you want to operate your business. With so many options, with their pros and cons, a measured decision is needed taking into account the long term implications with short term requirements.

With Wealth Café, its not just about incorporating a new entity, its about laying a strong foundation for the business to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Various 'Entity' Options

We help you evaluate from the various options like Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), One Person Company (OPC), Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company.

Matching Requirements

The pros and cons of each entity structure are evaluated with the business goals of the entrepreneur before deciding on the final structure. Additionally, the nature of the business, mode of operations and the geographical areas covered also have a say in the final entity structure.

Setting up right

With the entity structure decided, we help you get the entity incorporated, get the various tax licenses as applicable to the business and help you set the basic policies in place that help you get rolling with the business.