Running a Business - Budgeting & Business Reports


Knowing your numbers is one of the most important requirements of running a business. You can take better and faster decisions if you learn to read your business numbers. This webinar will teach you exactly to learn that.
- Learn how to budget for future
- How budgeting helps you price your products and make smarter money decisions
- Als, learn the discounts you can give.
- Learn about your payable & receivable reports
- Basics of understanding your financial statements and how to take decisions based on that.

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A link to join the Webinar will be emailed to you no later than half an hour before the Webinar is expected to commence.

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The voice of the workshop attendees will be muted so that possible background noise won't disrupt the Webinar. However, You will be able to type out questions.

There is an option on the the left-hand side of your screen to ask questions. You will be able to view others' questions as well.

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Yes, the webinar is accessible through your phones as well as you laptop/desktop/tabs.

If you're unable to attend the Webinar due to unforeseen reasons, the video of the webinar will be shared with you. You will be eligible for the next webinar of the same session that you missed without any additional cost for you.

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29th May, 2020


4:00pm - 5:30pm