How to succeed in the Indian Retail Market

I visited the #Forever21 store at the Oberoi mall and landed up spending an inordinately long time at the store. This must be my third or fourth visit to the store and I realised they are the perfect example of how to succeed in the all difficult and challenging Indian Retail Market. 

They had the perfect ingredients required to win over the Indian Retail consumer:


The #AmazonIndia advertisement "#AurDikhao #AurDikhao" perfectly sums up the needs of an Indian consumer. She needs to go through loads and loads of options before she can finalise on what she wants.

And I believe this store has done a good job. Whether you need a pair of denims or jackets or skirts or leggings or shorts or tops or jumpsuits or tees or swimwear or shoes or sandals or belts or accessories or hats....they have it all and have it in all designs and colours and sizes. Its difficult even to figure out all the options they have on display!

Its like going to a grocery supermarket, you go to buy two essentials and come back home with multiple items not on your shopping list. 

But you won't mind that here.


Because the prices of goods at this store will delight you.


Here is a Foreign brand showing you how to price the goods to suit the local requirements. I am surprised that most Indian brands available in stores like #Lifestyle and #Central (both of which are also housed in the Oberoi Mall) sell clothes that are way more expensive. And I don't see a why!

The items stocked here start from as low as INR 100 for a spaghetti top and the entire range is very reasonably priced. Its great to get these prices at a Retail store in a popular Mall in Mumbai...and there wasn't even a sale going on. 

If you do a quality-price tradeoff, why would you go #StreetShopping to #Bandra or #Colaba?


Despite stocking lots of variety at a reasonable price, the Forever 21 store has not compromised on the quality of the items. Be it clothes, accessories, shoes...the look, the feel, the use of their stuff is all great. The staff was also pretty courteous, assisting customers where required and not being pushy to sell at the same time.

In contrast, in a bid to become cost effective #FutureRetail #BigBazaar lost out on maintaining the quality of their stores/goods and lost focus of their initial target audience.


I have read that to be a successful retailer, you need to get your location right. And this store is bang on in this regard. Located on the ground floor of the only good Mall in East of the Western suburbs of Mumbai, they couldn't have got a better location than #OberoiMall.

Add to the above the fact that Forever21 is targeting a market which has the highest population of persons below the age of 25 have a winner!

Kudos to #Forever21. Keep up the good work.

PS: Improvement suggestions for #Forever21: I think they will do great to stock some more options for Men. The men's section is a very small one with very limited options. 

Hindustani Dil Kehta Hai #AurDikhao #AurDikhao.

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